Patriot Sport Medals

Patriot Series Sports Medals

For the more popular sports, patriot is the answer. This medal line is a bit larger coming in at 2.75″.  Most of our other medals are 2″. This line features a collegiate style font with the sport name and attrative art to represent the sport. There is also a subtle maple leaf in the background.  Available in bronze, silver and gold. Enjoy free shipping over $150.

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FAQ About Stock Patriot Medals

How Long Does It Take To Ship Stock Patriot Medals?

Stock medals with no customization usually ship out within 24-48 hrs of order confirmation.  We ship FOB Toronto, ON, Canada.

Medals and neck ribbons come unassembled so you will have to attach the ribbons to your medals yourself.

If you want your stock medals to come assembled there will be a fee from the supplier.

What Is The Best Way To Place My Order?

You to place your award order through our website or by emailing us at:

Our website accepts credit cards and E-Transfer only.

There is also a “get quote” button on the top right of every page.

Can I Get Engraving On My Medals?

At this time we do not offer engraving on stock medals. There are three reasons for this.

  1. Pricing engraving options for a shopping cart is really difficult
  2. Engraving adds 2-3 weeks to your order
  3. Our engraving costs are not comparable to that of a local trophy shop.

Its almost always cheaper to get the engraved locally.

Do You Have Free Shipping?

If you spend $150 or more on insert or stock medals, shipping will be free of charge.

There is a flat rate of $20 per shipment below that.

If I Order A Ribbon With My Medal Is It Assembled When I Get It?

If you order ribbons with your medals they will come unassembled.

This means you will need to attach the ribbons to your medal via the supplied snap hook before presenting your medal to its recipient.

If you would like the medal and ribbon to come assembled to you to save time, our supplier charges a small fee for this task.

Please let us know if you would like your ribbons attached or not for your final product.

First, Second, Third Place Medals

This classy and affordable line of sport medals comes in a huge variety of sports and activities. The most popular stock medal is the 1st, 2nd, 3rd place due to it’s flexibility. It also makes any recipient feel special when they come in FIRST!

Unique Soccer Medals

These antique finish soccer medals are great reward for a job well done. Use these stock soccer medals for  any tournament, league or camp.

Bronze, Silver Gold Medals

All our sport medals and insert medals come in three classic electroplate finishes. Bronze medals, silver medals and gold medals.

Softball Medals

This softball medal can be customized with a neck ribbon and shipped fast. A great choice for softball tournament prizes and softball tournament medals.

Music Competition Medals

You can get music completion medals fast in bronze, silver and gold.