Baseball Medals

Baseball Medals

Softfall, Fastpitch, Little League & Tee Ball

If you are ready to play ball, lets go! Take your pick of baseball, softball or t-ball themed medals and customize with a ribbon. All medals come in bronze, silver and gold. Click on any medal image to see the price. Free shipping on orders over $150. 

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Little League Medals

We have some of the greatest medals for Little League players, that will suit all budgets. Take a look at our large variety of designs, we assure you that there will be something to suit your needs. Alongside that we also have a large selection of ribbons to match with team jerseys and colours. Your team will look great sporting our medals at the end of the season!

Baseball Medals

We offer a large selection of Baseball Medals, so you’re bound to find exactly what you’re looking for amongst all our products. There are multiple designs and each medal type comes in different weights and finishes. Our medals come in gold, silver or bronze and we offer a selection of coloured ribbons alongside them, to ensure you end up with exactly what you need. They are a great choice for end of season award ceremonies or frequent competitions.

Softball Medals

Our medal designs work well for Softball players too! They are an excellent choice for a Softball League or one off tournament and can be customised to suit your needs. We welcome orders of any size and offer free shipping on orders over $150 for all medals. All our medals are available in gold, silver and bronze.

Tee Ball Medals

Our medals make a great award for the tiniest of players to commemorate their first years in the sport. They look beautiful hung up on display or even framed. There is no minimum order amount, so whether you need awards for a one off event or a whole season, we are able to meet your requirements. Our medals are long lasting and durable, they are sure to make a wonderful memento in years to come.