Printed Lapel Pins

Printed Lapel Pins

custom printed lapel pins

Printed lapel pins are a great choice for complicated art or for people ordering more than 500pc. This low cost lapel pin carries a higher setup cost but once you surpass the 300-500pc level, they are a lot cheaper than soft enamel or hard enamel pins.

With regular enamel pins, there are a lot of design restrictions due to the manufacturing process. With digital pins, you can have anything you want!

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Custom Pins Fast

Of all the custom lapel pin optinos we offer, this one is the fastest to produce. You can shave 3-5 days off the manufacturing process. When you need custom pins fast, this is a great choice

Cheap Lapel Pins

If you are looking for cheaper custom lapel pins, this process might be right for you. If you order more than 300-500pc, the unit price is substantially less than the other pins we sell. Typically coming in under $0.80 each!