Metal Finish Lapel Pins

Metal Finish Lapel Pins

Custom Metal Pins

Sometimes, less is more. We can render your design or logo in bronze, nickel or gold electroplate finish. It’s classy and affordable. Choose from a variety of electroplating finishes including:

  • antique
  • sandblasted
  • bright
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    gold silver bronze pinsMetal Lapel Pins

    This type of custom pin is versatile, classy and great for award pins. We leave the soft enamel or hard enamel off and rely on electroplating instead. Our metal lapel pins are made with the die struck or die cast method. You can review the 8 steps required to custom manufacture pins here. 

    Bronze Lapel Pins

    We use electroplating technology that causes metal ions to attach to our zinc base metal. Bronze is great for years service pins and historical pins.

    bronze metal custom pins

    Nickel or Silver Lapel Pins

    Nickel is what our industry calls this electroplating finish. This is due to the fact there isn’t any actual silver in the electroplating mix. Silver is a precious metal and typically too soft and expensive for our custom pins.  Our favorite nickel finish is antique! It gives our pins a nice contrast and historical feel.

    silver nickel lapel pins


    Gold Electroplated Pins

    24k gold is added in very small volumes to our electroplating solutions. Gold is added to the pins after we dip them in the nickel tank first. The gold ions attach themselves to the metal giving the pin a “all over” gold finish. gold plated lapel pins