Customized Sports Medals With Custom Inserts


Add any logo to an insert medal. Pick a medal base, indicate your medal quantity and pick a neck ribbon and you are good to go. You may also want to consider stock insert medals.  We can also offer full custom ribbons as well upon request. Just ask.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Logo Insert Medals

As the name suggests these custom insert medals are a two part product. That means you can select the metal part of the award and then customize the centre with any logo or image. We take your logo or design idea and print it on a paper insert that is stuck on to the medal. This type of product is cheaper and quicker than a full custom medal. Speaking of which have been in the custom medal business nearly 50 years. If you want something special, view custom options.

We require a 48pc order for custom logo insert medals.

Custom insert medals take about 2 weeks to arrive at your door. In most cases we can print and assemble the order in 5-7 business days. From there we require 3-10 days to ship with ground freight.

We are unable to rush products through the factory. All orders are processed as fast as possible within the 3-7 working day time frame.  You can contact us at 1-866-661-9696 and we can review your order and see if we can help. However if your deadline is less than 7  working days from today, we respectfully pass on this opportunity.

All medal orders over $150 are shipped free of charge.  We ship exclusively with Purolator.

We ship with Purolator and we charge you a flat rate. We don’t use FedEx or UPS. It’s just too expensive and cumbersome to manage.  In the event you wish to arrange your own shipment using your own courier from our factory, that may be possible provided you provide a pre-paid shipping label. Note that this is considered “3rd party shipping’ and rates for that service are higher.

For best results we ask for a vector art file. This file format typically ends in .pdf or .ai. If you had a graphic designer create your logo, ask them for the file. Otherwise we can use high resolution JPGs submitted at 300dpi.  If your logo is poor quality, we may need to re-draw it for you.

We typically follow up with new orders on the same day. We’ll review your logo and get info on your deadline. Once that process is complete we will send you an art proof upon request. Otherwise expect your logo to be printed on an 1″ circle “as is”.  In the event you want modifications or text added, we’ll show you an art proof.